How to make A Decent Cup of Tea

  • First warm the teapot with a small amount of boiling water and empty
  • Put one teaspoon of tea leaves per person in the pot then pour in freshly boiled water *
  • Leave to brew for 2-3 minutes before serving and enjoy

Store your tea in its beautiful tin in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odours. Use within 3 months of opening.

* Australian Sencha, Put one teaspoon per person into a pot and pour over freshly boiled water (75-85°C), leave for 1-2 minutes before serving.


Option 1

  • Make your tea as usual, see ‘How to make A Decent Cup of Tea’
  • Then strain the tea into a jug or jar and refrigerate for 2 hours
  • Pour into your favourite glass and add ice and a slice of fruit

Option 2

  • Put 1 ½ teaspoons of tea in a jar/jug
  • Add 1 cup of cold water and seal the top
  • Refrigerate overnight
  • In the morning, strain the tea in your favourite glass
  • Add ice and a slice of fruit